The Heat On-The-Fly® method is a trademarked, patented method to vastly improve the water heating process for hydraulic fracturing by heating water to required temperatures, at the volume levels and flow rates needed.

The purpose of Heat On-The-Fly, LLC  
<1> Introduce this method of water heating to the industry  
<2> Educate operators and heating companies on the substantial benefits achieved through the Heat On-The-Fly® method  
<3> License the method to key heating companies.


Currently, the Heat On-The-Fly® method is being licensed on a non-exclusive basis to water heating companies operating in 13 states.  

Heat On-The-Fly, LLC is now offering non-exclusive licenses to additional heating companies across the North American market.  By licensing through Heat On-The-Fly, LLC, operators will gain the full use of all the patented methods and trademarks, as well as improvements made to the process.  Contact us if you are interested in learning more about licensing. jcole@heatonthefly.com
HEAT ON-THE-FLY, LLC is a licensing company dedicated to bringing the best patented heating technology to the industry. Qualified heating companies can license Heat-On-The Fly® methods, apparatuses and systems to serve their customers throughout North America


Heat On-the-Fly receives Ex Parte Reexamination Certificate No. US 8,171,993 C1 confirming the patentability of claims 1-12.

Heat On-the-Fly patent accepted in Canada; 99 claims for continuous flow heating.

Heat On-the-Fly® U. S. patent received; licensing offered to qualified heating companies.

International Patent Agency PCT
indicates 100 of the published claims for the Heat On-The-Fly® method are patentable. May 2011. 

2014 The Heat On-The-Fly® method successfully applied to more than 2000 well completions.

The Heat On-The-Fly® method patent pending published November 25, 2010:  US 2010/0294494 Al.

The Heat On-The-Fly®  method provisional  application No.  61/297,097, filed on January
21, 2010.

The Heat On-The-Fly® method trademark  awarded November 16, 2009. Serial number  No.  77723004.

The Heat On-The-Fly® method provisional application No. 61/276,950, filed on September 18, 2009.

Second provisional application No. 61/254,122, filed on October 22, 2009. 

A Licensing Company.